Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birthday Party Celebration!

Our backyard Sports Ball Party consisted of a slip n' slide ater fun, baseball games, exploring the fort and a Football Shaped Pinata! I know the Birthday boy had a great time and I hope everyone else did too!!
We enjoyed hosting the celebration and watching our little boy soak up his special day!

Birthday Celebrations!

Our Oldest son turned five years old this week! I remember, yes, it was a long time ago, turning "a whole hand" and what a momentous time that is in ones life!

Mark and I were so excited to be celebrating with our three boys this exciting time. We were ecspecially looking forward to the day trip we planned with Grandpa, and for the party we hosted with some of our oldests' friends and their families.

Our day trip consisted of a drive North to Dayton to the Museum of the United States Air Force, and lunch out at the Clifton Mill. Grandpa was more than glad to share his knowledge of history and flying machines, our youngest was more than glad to point out, quite loudly, each time he say a "pane" (plane). Our drive home in the hail and thnderstorm added some adventure to the day and the final stop to the ice cream store topped it off!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Project

Our boys recieved a swing set for their upcoming birthdays! I'm calling it
their Fort. I think it's big enough to grow with them. So far, they are really enjoying it!

Swimming Lessons

Our boys really enjoyed taking swimming lessons this summer. It was an intense time commitment, but I think it really served the boys well. Our oldest is really a fish when he gets around water now! It was really exciting watching them jump off the diving board! Enjoy the photos.

First Time Fishing!!

...And he was This big!!!

Well, they were all pretty small fish, but our boys had a great time reeling them in.

All of Daddy's fishing history came back to him, he reminded us of the many times he went fishing with his grandpa growing up, and started new memories with our boys. Our middle guy thought it was great when he made the first catch of the day, until that little fish started flopping around, and I think he hung up his rod for the rest of the day. By contrast, our youngest couldn't get a close enough inspection of our finned friends!

We had a beautiful day and a great time, Thanks Tim & Shell for sharing the lake!

Friday, May 21, 2010


The end of four-year preschool includes a last day of school photo, a sticker decorated gradutaion cap, and Ice Cream!!
Our big guy graduated just last night. We enjoyed a concert put on by he and all his classmates, and celebrated with a family trip out for ice cream.
We enjoyed seeing photos of his year and even some of his teachers favorite quotes of his from throughout the year.
We are very proud of our big guy!!

Timmy The Monkey

During our Big Preschoolers last week of classes he was able to bring Timmy, the class pet, home for a night. Timmy helped pick strawberries in our back yard, helped on the entertainment center, still a work in progress, and of course, ended the evening with a bath ( and a trip to the dryer). The boys always love speding time with their furry monkey friend and he will be missed, I'm sure.